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Dr. Dipesh Shakya MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Pukar Thapa MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Navin Kumar Mishra MBBS, MD (Respiratory Medicine)
Dr. Pradeep Raj Regmi MBBS, MD (Radiology)
Dr. Prajwol Dhakal MBBS, MD (Radiology)


  • Sunday to Friday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm for new clients.
  • Sunday to Friday for follow up kindly visit between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Closed on Saturday


  • Telephone: 977 1 4547604 , 977 1 4547605
  • E-Mail :
    (Kindly note that we don't book appointments via E-mail)

Siddhi Polyclinic Health Service

Immigration Medical examination (IME) for Australia  


# Item                                   Code Fees NRS Example Applicant
1 Medical Examination + Chest X-ray 501+502 9,000* Student(non-healthcare), visitor
2 Medical Examination + Chest X-ray+ Serum Creatinine 501+502+705 9,350/- Student(non-healthcare), visitor
3 Medical Examination with Mantoux 501 + 719 6,400/- Children aged above 2 and under 11 years applying for a permanent/ provisional visa
4 Medical Examination only 501 5,900/- Children below 11 years
5 Medical Examination + Chest X-ray + HIV + Serum Creatinine 501+502+
10,800* Permanent/Provisional Visa (above 15 years)
6 Medical Examination + Chest X-ray+ HIV+ Hepatitis B+Hepatitis C+Serum Creatinine 501+502+707
13,000* Healthcare worker or Healthcare student
7 Medical Examination + Chest X-ray 501+502 9000* Children between 11 years to 15 Years
8 Chest X-ray 502 5,100* Working holiday maker
9 HIV test 707 1,300/-
10 Hepatitis B test 708 800/-
11 Serum Creatinine 705 350/-
12 Hepatitis C test 716 1,770/-
13 Mantoux test 719 490/-
14 Medical Examination + Serum Creatinine 501 + 705 6,400/- Elderly visitor

* Includes TB diagnostic tests and treatment if required.


Appointments are available ONLINE ONLY.

  • Please proceed to Block B premises of Siddhi Polyclinic Health Service, Dilli Bazaar, Charkhal Rd.
  • Please park your vehicles at underground parking
  • E-medical generated referral letter which has your HAP ID.
  • Original passport (Compulsory) and declaration form if available.
  • Spectacle/ Contact lenses if you wear one.
  • For medical examination, you do not have to attend on an empty stomach.
  • If you have received COVID-19 Vaccination, please bring a record of the Vaccination Card (Translated into English) / QR CODE Certificate issued by the Ministry of MoHP.
  • Please do not bring excessive Cash/Jewelry and other valuables while coming for a medical examination
  • The tests you require will depend on your visa category.
  • Your referral letter will indicate what tests are necessary.
  • 501 - Medical Examination.
  • 502 - Chest X-ray (above 11 years of age).
  • 705 - Serum Creatinine (Mandatory from 1st July ,2023)
  • Some children between 2 to 11 years may require TB screening test.
  • Panel physician may request additional test as per clinical requirement.
  • Registration at Registration Desk.
  • ID Check – Referral Letter, Original passport and Declaration form.
  • Photograph
  • Height, Weight and Blood Pressure measurement.
  • Blood test - Serum Creatinine
  • 501 code - External physical examination (includes vision test).
  • 502 code - Chest- X ray.

Chest- X ray is NOT recommended in the first trimester (Twelve weeks) There is an option to defer X- ray examination until after delivery. Kindly discuss with our panel physician for more details.

  • As per guidelines provided by Department of Home Affairs, you will need to undress to your underwear.
  • We provide gowns to both male and female candidates and every effort is taken to maintain your dignity. Only external physical examination is conducted.
  • We offer chaperone to all applicants. All children must be examined in the presence of a guardian.
  • The panel physician will inform you of the result.
  • Sometimes e-medical can auto generate further tests depending on the abnormality.
  • Once your case is submitted, MOC in Australia will review your case and advice if any further tests are required.They will notify the client via email.
  • TB is tested by examination of sputum
  • This is done in two ways- smear and culture
  • Kindly note TB culture report takes 8 weeks for the results
  • There is no extra charge for TB tests

Children between the age of 2 to 11 years and applying for a permanent / provisional visa are required to undergo a TB screening test.

There are two different types of screening tests:

  • Mantoux- is an intra dermal test (skin).
  • IGRA-Interferon Gamma Release Assay is a blood test.

Result of Mantoux test is recorded after 48-72 hours of injection. The child will have to be reviewed by doctors at the pathology department for final report. Please ensure the child does not leave Kathmandu until the final report is provided. Our panel physicians will advice if additional examination is required following the result of Mantoux test.

The child will need a Chest X-ray.

Generally your medical examination, blood test and X- ray are completed within two hours.

  • If you are not satisfied with our service kindly contact our manager/panel physician. We will try and resolve the problem.
  • If you have any feedback, complaints or compliments; kindly refer to the link below:
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